Are there air conditioners that are quiet?


There is no denying it: a mobile air conditioner has to do a lot. Unfortunately, the cooling unit and the fan do not work silently and a corresponding operating noise is therefore unavoidable. Although "quiet" is always a matter of perception, all monobloc units on the market can be classified as "loud" in operation. In order to better assess the noise level, there is the so-called decibel scale, which measures the sound level. Decibel ratings are very helpful because on the scale they can be compared with noises from everyday life. The "quietest" mobile monobloc air conditioners have a noise level between 50-70 decibels, which can be compared to a conversation or normal road traffic. In the table below, this is already classified as loud.

In principle, you can also place an air conditioner in the bedroom, because the mobile air conditioners can be used anywhere. However, you should expect a noise level of around 50dB. This corresponds to the noise of a running refrigerator. If you are more sensitive to noise, we do not recommend running the unit at night. However, you can switch on the air conditioner 2 hours before sleeping to cool down the room beforehand, or control it via a built-in timer.

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