What kind of air purifier should I use? Which one helps with allergies? What do I have to consider here?


As an allergy sufferer, you have to make sure that the air purifier can completely circulate the air 4 - 5 times per hour. On our product pages, you will always see the recommendation for normal users in green and the recommendation for allergy sufferers in red. The maximum recommendation is always shown in m². 

I would be glad to show you the details using a list:

Normal user
Allergy sufferers
ecoQ CleanAir 40080 30 
ecoQ CleanAir 800160 60 
WINIX ZERO Compact50 15 
WINIX ZERO Pro120 40 
Boneco P340 air purifier60 
Boneco P400 air purifier70 
Boneco P500 air purifier90 
Boneco H300 HYBRID Air humidifier and air purifier50 15 
Boneco H400 HYBRID Air humidifier and air purifier60 21 
Airfree P40 air purifier16 
Airfree Iris 80 air purifier32 -
Airfree Iris 150 air purifier60 -
Airfree Lotus60 -

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