This is the infrared heating with the gentlest radiation. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to reach operating temperature. Its surface reaches a temperature of 85°C to 105°C. There is no risk of burns if it is touched for a short time.

It is the infrared heater that is least felt unless you are really close to it. You can use this heater on a stand or install it on the wall or ceiling. This type of heating is suitable for well-insulated rooms where you want to maintain a certain temperature permanently.

Infrared panels are not suitable to warm up a room temporarily.

We offer infrared panels of the brand ecoheat, First Heating or ZenSwiss

The ecoheat brand is our own brand and includes several models. The models include the ecoheat Basic, the ecoheat Classic, the ecoheat Specchio, the ecoheat Vetro and the ecoheat Ceramica.

The First Heating brand is represented by the First Heating Elegant Basic model.

The brand ZenSwiss it has the model ZenSwiss low energy infrared heaters, which is delivered without receiver (for the thermostat). The Zenswiss Deluxe model is the same heater simply with an integrated receiver for the Delta Dore X3D radio thermostat.