Error description:

The ecodry 425 does not switch on. The control lights on the top of the unit flash. The unit switches on when the water tank is pressed lightly. However, the water container does not engage properly and slips away again. The appliance switched off again.


The water container does not engage properly or slips out again and therefore the appliance switches off. When inserting the water container, press a little harder at the end until it makes a 'click'. If the water container cannot be pushed in so that it clicks, the locking bracket on the appliance must be adjusted slightly. 

The problem is that the metal hook, which should lock the water container, is bent downwards a little too little, so that it does not reach the water container. The metal hook is located in the shaft where the water tank is inserted, at the back and slightly to the right. This hook should slide over the rear groove running across the width of the water tank when the water tank is pushed in, thus holding the water tank in place. The solution is to push the hook slightly backwards/downwards. When the water tank is pushed in, it should stick out as soon as it is almost completely pushed in. Finally, it must then be pushed in so that a clearly audible clacking sound is heard. This is when the hook is pushed over the groove. Below you will find our solution to this problem.