What is infrared heating? Why infrared heating? And which infrared heating is the right one for me? Questions upon questions. 


We would like to inform you about infrared heating with our guidebook. In our guidebook you will learn what infrared is all about and what is important. 


With the heating power requirement calculator you will also find out what power your heating system needs for the respective room. You can find it on our website under the category infrared heating.

It is important to mention that the power depends on many characteristics and is not only measured on the basis of the room size (L x W x H). In addition to the room size (L x W x H), other properties include the number of external walls and the insulation (good, medium or rather poor)It is also important to mention that the calculations are designed for lowland areas, so the result must also be extrapolated for higher altitudes.


Are you still unsure which type of infrared heating is the best solution for you or are you still unsure whether the calculated output is sufficient for you?

We will be happy to help you. Simply get in touch with us.