Resetting the thermostat only resets the thermostat and not the heater. It does not solve any connection problem, on the contrary, it causes connection problems because the programming in the thermostat is deleted and that in the receiver on the heater is not.

Resetting should only be done if the thermostat is to be connected to a heater. With the reset, you can prepare the thermostat for a new connection. The LED on the panel should flash red for this.


  • Press and hold [MAN] and [AUTO] together until "PR1" appears on the display.
  • Press [+] several times to get to "PR9".
  • Press [OK]
  • Then press [+]. A 1 should now appear at the bottom.
  • Confirm with [OK]

"SAvE" appears, the display then goes back to temperature and time. 

The thermostat is reset.