The ECO mode has the effect that the surface temperature of the WIST infrared heater is regulated to 60 °C and does not reach the normal 100 °C.

You can switch the Eco mode on or off as follows:

First you have to activate the advanced mode. You can see whether it is already switched on by pressing the MODE button and the mode then changes, for example, from MAN to AUTO:

Enable extended mode:

  • Press and hold MODE and SET together until PR1 appears.
  • Press [+] several times to go to PR15.
  • Press OK 
  • Press [+] so that a 1 appears at the bottom.
  • Press OK
  • Press EXIT

Now the eco mode can be switched on and off:

  • Press MODE and [+] together and hold until MAX disappears at the bottom left. Eco mode is now active.

By pressing MODE and [+] again, the eco mode can be deactivated (MAX is visible).

Optionally, the extended mode of the WIST can be deactivated again so that the settings remain locked. To do this, repeat the procedure above, but set the 1 to 0.