What does multidirectional oscillation mean?


Multidirectional oscillation means that the fan rotates in several directions. This means that the fan can move up-down and left-right at the same time. Of course, only one of the two directions can be selected. If both are active, the head turns in a circle. If you use both directions, the air is circulated even better in the room.


With the SilentAir Uno, you can press the corresponding OSC key to activate the swivel function for up-down or left-right. For up-down, press once to switch on the automatic oscillation and again to stop the movement. For right-left, press once to start the automatic swing. The first time you press the button, the fan head swings sideways at a 45° angle, the second time it swings at a 75° angle and the third time you press it, it swings at a 120° angle.

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