What does the name of the appliance say about Boneco? What does the H, S, U or W in front of the number mean?


Each of the letters has its own meaning. I would be happy to explain which one means what:

H means Hybrid Humidifier and Air Purifier.

S means Steamer and is a pure humidifier.

U means Ultrasonic Humidifier.

W means Air Washer and air washer.

The models with an H or a W are humidifiers with the evaporator principle. The evaporator is one of the slowest types of humidification, but very practical for allergy sufferers because the air is also purified.

The models with an S are humidifiers with an steamer motor in which the water is steamed. The steamer is the fastest of all humidifiers and absolutely germ- and bacteria-free thanks to the fact that it heats the water.

The models with a are humidifiers with a nebuliser motor, where the water is beaten into small molecules with the help of a membrane and thrown into the air. The nebuliser is a very fast humidifier which is perfect if you want a quiet device.

I would also like to refer you to our humidifier guide:

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