What is the difference between the Allround and the Expert model of the ecofort ecoQ Rena hoover.


The ecofort ecoQ Rena Allround has the specially designed Allround floor nozzle with which you can clean all types of floor coverings without having to change the floor nozzle.

The ecofort ecoQ Rena Expert has a mini power brush with which you can vacuum upholstery, sofas, mattresses and car seats - so you can use the ecofort ecoQ Rena Expert as a handheld hoover.

Unlike the Allround model, the Expert model allows you to use the different floor nozzles for your versatile floor coverings, such as the carpet brush for carpet and the hard floor brush for hard floors


If you can't decide, you can also order the respective missing accessories and thus expand the options. You can find them in our shop.

Here is a list of the various accessories: