The warmer it gets outside, the more moisture the air can absorb.

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Damp laundry that dries slowly or not at all will start to smell again after some time (several hours or a few days). The laundry must be washed again and dried faster to avoid the bad smells.

There are three ways to dry the laundry, such as hanging the laundry outside, drying the laundry with a dehumidifier/room air dryer or a tumble dryer.

With a dehumidifier/room air dryer you can dry your laundry gently and energy-efficiently as well as cost-saving. 


With a dehumidifier/room air dryer, the room volume and the temperature are always decisive, as the air circulation is calculated. We have therefore noted the volume specifications for each product on our website. 

For dehumidifiers/room air dryers that are used in colder rooms, there is the option of choosing one with a heating function. The heating function heats the air to be dehumidified, but not the entire room.

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